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Aquatherm hot water generator generates hot water at a temperature as high as 140 ºC within a few minutes of cold start. The technology innovation of Aquatherm lies in the use of water in its liquid phase to transfer heat to the process.
Product Features
  • Three-pass thermally efficient design results in lowest fuel bills
  • Fully automatic
  • Multi-fuel option - light oils/heavy oils/gases
  • High efficiency of about 90%
  • Can be custom-built to give outlet temperature up to 225ºC
  • No Boiler regulations – water generates heat without changing its liquid phase

Operating Range

  • Capacities: from 0.2 million kcal/hr to 2.0 million kcal/hr
  • Design pressure: Up to 4 kg/cm² (g)
  • Steam temperature: Up to 140ºC
  • Firing fuels: HSD, LDO & FO with an efficiency of 90% (+/- 2%) on NCV