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Multitherm (MTF/H)

Multitherm is a fluidised bed water tube boiler, having high combustion efficiency of 82% for Coal and 80% on Husk. In fluidised bed circulation (FBC), air is forced through the bed by nozzles using FD fan and the static bed starts bubbling, forming a fluidised bed. Homogenous mixing of the sand and fuel causes heat to be carried to every particle of the bed and thus results in good combustion of the fuel.
Multitherm is designed, incorporating both over-bed and under-bed fuel firing systems. Over-bed feeding systems are easy to operate and maintain and can handle fuels containing high surface moisture, whereas under-bed firing systems are suited to handling fuels containing high amount of fines. Safety measures are taken to protect against low water level, high steam pressure, high bed temperature, high stack temperature and high bed height.
Product Features
  • High capacity heating system
  • Available in different combinations
  • Multi-fuel option – coal/ agro based fuels
  • Capable of burning low GCV and high ash & fine content
  • Over-bed & under-bed fuel firing systems can be incorporated
  • Large in-bed and convective Heat Transfer Area
Operating Range
  • Capacities : In the range of 3 to 16 TPH
  • Pressure : In the range of 11.25 to 21.00 kg/cm2 (g)
  • Temperature :
  • Firing fuels : Indian & Imported Coal & Husk
  • Efficiency : Overall efficiency of 82 % (+/-2%)