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Founding Family

Founding family
A S Bhathena - Committed to the richness of diversity

The foundations of Thermax were originally laid by the late A S Bhathena, who started Wanson (India) in 1966. The company was renamed Thermax in 1980, after A S Bhathena retired, and his son-in-law, the late Rohinton D Aga took over as Chairman & Managing Director.

A S Bathena began his career as a ‘worker-entrepreneur' in 1947, with the founding of a partnership firm - National Steel, manufacturing sterilizers, autoclaves and other hospital equipment. In 1966, he founded Wanson (India) along with Rohinton, which began manufacturing small coil-type industrial boilers.

From the early years, A S Bhathena was a keen practitioner of ‘Management by wandering about,' through which he kept in constant touch with his staff and workers.

A S Bhathena was a passionate advocate of achieving success through merit and hard work. His favorite quote was: ‘Deserve and then desire.' He also believed in the social purpose of business, viz. that the objective of a business house is, ‘to serve the society they live in.' He also was convinced of the need to accept diversity in people, ‘just as you need almonds, raisins and walnuts to make a rich fruitcake, you need different types of people to make a rich organisation.'

A S Bhathena passed away in 1991.

Rohinton D Aga - Living a mission

Rohinton Aga joined Wanson (India) to work with A S Bhathena. The company became Thermax India in 1980 following Bhathena's retirement, and Rohinton took over as the Chairman & Managing Director. 

Born in 1935, Rohinton hailed from a Parsi family in Bombay. A graduate in economics from Cambridge, he also was an alumni of the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Rohinton was a seer, a dreamer and above all a great doer. His leadership transformed Thermax from a small boiler company, to a multi-divisional engineering force, with a focused vision to provide solutions that conserving energy and preserve the environment.

He gained recognition as a visionary entrepreneur and a management thinker.

Rohinton believed that businesses need to be built on foundations of enduring values. ‘Profit is not only a set of figures, but of values,' he often reminded his teams. These values help business fulfill its obligations to the customer:

He believed that, ‘Understanding the market in depth, stretching it to the fullest potential, creating new unfulfilled needs, being obsessed in the process and emerging as a leader,' was living a mission.

According to Rohinton, ‘this is the role and the heritage of a value-added society. It is exciting, rewarding and never ending.'
Rohinton Aga passed away in 1996.
Anu Aga - Director

Anu Aga is on the Board of Thermax Limited, the leading Indian player in energy and environment management. She retired as Chairperson of the company in October 2004.  

She has done her BA in Economics and holds a post graduate degree in medical and psychiatric social work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).  She was selected for the Fullbright Scholarship for social workers to study in the U.S. 

Ms. Aga has been very active in various national and local associations like Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and had served as the Chairperson of CII's Western Region.  She has written extensively and given talks on the subjects of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, role of women and education.

Ms. Aga is the Chairperson of the Thermax Social Initiative Foundation (TSIF) which runs the CSR activities of Thermax.  Along with Akanksha, TSIF has signed a MOU to support three municipal schools in Pune. She is also closely associated with the Teach for India Initiative which attempts bridging the inequity gap in education. She is keenly involved in the causes of communal harmony and human rights, especially women and children. 

Meher Pudumjee - Chairperson

Meher Pudumjee is the Chairperson of Thermax Ltd, a company focussed in the businesses of energy and the environment.

A postgraduate in Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College of Science & Technology, London, she joined Thermax as a trainee engineer in August 1990. A year later, along with her husband Pheroz Pudumjee and a small team, they took over the responsibility of turning around a Thermax subsidiary company in the UK.

After her return to India in September 1996, she was appointed on the Board of Directors.  She worked closely with the treasury and working capital management functions of Thermax, as also in the Environment Divisions of the company. In 2001, the family decided to take on non-executive roles on the Board. During this period she played an active role in the turnaround of the company, along with the Board and senior management of the company.

She has taken over as Chairperson, Thermax Limited, effective October 5, 2004  after the retirement of Ms. Anu Aga. 

Ms. Pudumjee has a keen interest in music, especially western classical and is a member of a Pune based choir. She is personally involved with the NGO's Teach For India, Akanksha and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.

Pheroz Pudumjee - Director

Pheroz Pudumjee is a Director of the company since January 15, 2001. He managed Thermax's overseas venture in UK and facilitates the company's international initiatives including the incubation and development of new business and relevant organisational changes.

Mr. Pudumjee was the Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Pune. He was also a member of CII'S national committee on Export and a member on the Maratha Chamber of Commerce's International panel.  

He has a Masters in Business Administration and a diploma in Automobile Technology from Stanford University.