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About us

Sustainable Solutions in Energy and Environment

Thermax Group is an INR 5577 crore company, providing a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors.

We are headquartered in Pune, India and operate globally through 19 International offices, 12 Sales & Service offices and 12 manufacturing facilities - 7 of which are in India and 5 overseas. 

Our presence spans 75 countries across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, CIS countries, Europe, USA and South America.

The group consists of 5 domestic wholly owned subsidiaries, 16 overseas wholly owned subsidiaries and 2 joint ventures.

Tuning to the needs of the day, all our solutions are innovative, energy-efficient, environment-friendly and easy to operate.
Solutions Suite – Innovative and Eco-friendly

Our solutions specifically focus on:
  • Heating equipment - using a variety of fuels, including biomass
  • Absorption chillers - fired by waste heat or steam
  • Power and captive cogeneration plants
  • Waste heat recovery units
  • Waste water management systems – pre-treatment, waste water treatment and chemical conditioning of water, sewage effluent treatment and recycling
  • Air pollution control systems
  • Performance improving chemicals
  • Solar based heating, cooling and power

Product Range – Diverse and Efficient

From our experience of over four decades in the energy sector, we offer a range of boilers and thermal oil heaters, energy chillers and customized products like exhaust gas boilers.  Thermax absorption chillers have found a niche in green energy systems in Europe and Australia. We also help industries reduce energy costs by shifting to abundantly available, alternate energy such as biomass.
Industry-specific Solutions – Clean and Green

Thermax provides industries with clean technologies that recover pollutants; thereby reducing their hazardous impact on the environment. Today, many iron & steel, cement, fertilizer and chemical industries reduce emissions using our air pollution control systems. 

Industries in the US and Japan consistently use our hi-grade ion exchange resins for specialised applications.

Project Management Capabilities

Our project management capabilities extend to setting up energy-environment projects for customers in several markets.  This is backed by a robust and innovative R&D setup, involved in technology development and adaptation for various industrial applications. 

Technology Partnerships

Over the years, Thermax has formed technology partnerships with global majors, including: Babcock & Wilcox (USA), Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (Japan), Balcke Durr (Germany), Eco-Tech (Canada) and Georgia Pacific (USA).